Model: BV-88

BV-88 Digital Signage Media Player

    Multifunctional signage player for most needs

    • Embedded signage media player software,meet either cloud-based digital signage needs, or in store advertising display demands
    • Octa-core CPU, 1.5GHz, DDR3 2GB memory
    • Capable of playing 4K content
    • HDMI-In optional for more live streaming solutions

Product Overview

HDMI-In Enables
Live Content Integration

The digital signage media player has build in HDMI-In interface for live streaming input. Multiple media sources are supported through this signage player interface, such as TV Channels or resource from other media player. Betvis DSM80 digital display software enables flexible management of input content, placing in any split pages or in a scheduled playlist.

Ethernet, Wifi, 3G and 4G Are All Supported

Most connection methods are supported accessing internet under different circumstances. Signage players can be installed on buses, in trains, or for any outdoor usages.

Self-developed CMS Available for All Betvis Players

Signage media players are installable in PC, local server, or cloud based server for various purposes. Installation and setting only require less than 1 mins before playing.

Design and arrange multiple sections in one screen. Make the most of multiple content resources supported by the signage media player.

DSM80 Digital Signage Management Software

Remote update Video/Image/Text/Web
Campaign Loop, On-demand playlist by trigger
Web-based, Easy installation
Layout design, Multiple zone
Network options(Cable, Wifi, 4G)
Remote device control





BV-88 digital signage media player is a full function product. The bundled system is able to manage thousands of players in the advertising network with flexible content management functions. 4K decoding offers better resolution for large size displays in shopping center, hospitals, or in corporate receptions. At the same time, the signage player is perfect for other applications such as interactive boards, QSR menu boards, wall mounted advertising screens, and so forth.

Banking & Finance

Healthcare & Hospital



Retail shop


Restaurant (QSR)