Digital Signage Finance

A well-designed digital signage system is what banks and financial institutions can bank on for better communications with customers. Betvis bank digital signage solution makes everything easier from updating financial information, promoting financial products and services to reinforcing brand confidence, featuring engaging display and competitive costs.


  • Boost upselling and cross-selling banking products and services
  • Display relevant information to target customer in real time
  • Educate customers with engaging content and reduce perceived wait times
  • Reinforce corporate communications among branches
  • Improve brand confidence and customer loyalty

Present Updating Financial Information

  • For most bank customers, financial information is time-sensitive and need to be updated in real time. Betvis bank digital signage allows customers to get real-time information from internal data sources and live financial data feeds. Information can be updated from a central server or be updated from local to meet actual needs.

Connect Virtual Bank with Physical

  • Now as so many bank businesses can be accomplished remotely on a phone or other smart devices, bank digital signage plays a critical role to connect virtual world with physical. Through digital signage APP interface or QR code, customers can get guidance to get access to banking products and services, during which personal relationship between customers and bank can be established and intensified.

Present Content to Target Customers

  • The value of bank in-branch services are all about customer experience and recognition. To bring bank brand to a local level, digital signage need to be tailored according to different locations and groups. Betvis provides statistic data collection and  analysis for all levels of targeting applications. 

Entertain & Educate Customers

  • Bank customers need to be entertained as much as they need to be informed. Eye-catching entertainment content like video clip, live TV and trivia questions can significantly relax your customers and reduce their perceived wait times. Betvis provides all types of entertainment content along with our digital signage software for free.