Increasing the number of customers and single customer spending is an obvious target for restaurants. Well-designed digital menus and screen posters, if used properly, will greatly stimulate passers-by’s desire for food and encourage customers to be more generous when ordering.

Conceptual Design

1. BV-88 Digital Signage Player

This digital menu board uses a media player and can be updated by network, USB stick or remote control.

3. BV-P4314 Portable Digital Poster

This portable screen can be placed wherever needed, replacing the old LED writing board.

2. BV-3211i Wall-mounted Display

This screen displays real-time video from the restaurant’s kitchen to enhance customer trust.

4. BV-5514i Floor-standing Kiosk

It can display the QR code automatically and provide self-service ordering.


Improve service efficiency   

Beautify dining environment     

Increase customer base      

Boost per ticket sales

Digital Signage Restaurant Case Study